The "Galleries at Sunset Center" are a collective group of 55+ galleries and 100+ artists in a unique setting.
Unlike anything your dreams can imagine, all under one roof, a visual and ecological paradise, plus outdoor sculpture gardens.

First Friday Art Walks.
On the "First Friday" of every month 5:00pm to 9:00pm.
3/5/2010 ~ 4/2/2010 ~ 5/7/2010 ~ 6/4/2010 ~ 7/2/2010 ~ 8/6/2010 ~ 9/3/2010 ~ 10/1/2010 ~ 11/5/2010 ~ 12/3/2010


GPS Coordinates
N 35.11.986
W 101.52.809

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Agri Stock Images:
David and Mary Bechtol

806-681-8321 or

More Information

Amber Wallace Photography:
Amber Wallace


Art Gecko Studio and Gallery:
David and Loretta Corbin
An eclectic collection of all thing art. Fine art, garden/patio furniture, giclee prints, metal sculptures, photography, textile arts and much more.

806-331-6577 or 806-433-9648 and

Artist Agogo Gallery:
Karen Reimer


b. j. smith Studio ~ da Gourdmama ~
Working studio and gallery. One person studio features one-of-a-kind gourds, mosaics and jewelry.

806-670-1988 or 806-353-1012

More Information

Karen Gammage


More Information

blankSPACE Studio and Gallery:
Charlie Vaughan
Erin Holland

Bluebird Art Gallery:
Bud McCaulley


Bois d' Arc Press Studio and Gallery Studio # 65:
Barbara Payne Ward

Reflections about and reactions to human relationships, life experiences, and our interaction with nature fuel the ideas, which extend into my images. As a contemporary artist, I often use recognizable, traditional images abstractly or metaphorically to convey the idea in my overall image. Combining digital processes with traditional printmaking techniques provides the opportunity to incorporate my drawings, paintings, photographs, and hand-built source material with the myriad processes inherent in printmaking. My primary printmaking focus involves lithography, intaglio, and serigraphy. In my mixed media drawings, I often mix drawing/painting techniques and mixed media collage with my hand-pulled prints.   My larger works incorporate partial and total prints with hand-drawn/painted images, assembled textures, shapes, and figures.

For me, contemporary printmaking sets up a dialogue between concept and mark making—drawing my idea is the initial step and the constant in my printmaking process; the way I draw the image to activate the matrix involves unlimited choices and energizes my hand-pulled printed image. The interplay of evolving digital/photographic technologies and techniques with age-old printmaking processes allows me to incorporate printing on and with alternative materials and tools.  


Center City Corral:

Where the horses are painted for the Center City and American Quarter Horse Association public art project.

To inquire about purchasing one of the artsy horses, please call 806-372-6744.

Chris Johnson Studio and Gallery:

806-358-4800 or 806-679-8985

Cindy Kelleher:

806-358-4880 or 806-679-8985

More Information

Crouch Studio:
Fine art, clay and stone sculpture.


More Information

Donald S. Mullins Gallery:


Double EE Gallery:
Lee Blakeney


Fine Art by Nannette Womack:


Gallery 82~A:
Patrick Parsons and Josh Paulson

Patrick ~ 806-206-4372

Josh ~ 806-220-4862 ~ ~

Gallery One-O-One:
Amarillo College Students and Faculty
AC Art Club
Alex Amaya ~ Bryan George ~
Chad Harris ~ Holly Davis ~
Jessie Story ~ Josh Carlson ~
Lenise Gillmore ~ Del Maldmado ~
Suzanne Strother ~ Victoria Taylor-Gore ~
Steven Cost ~ Stephanie A. Jung

Gems by Jen:


Gregory Collins Photography:


Horse Feathers Studio and Gallery:
Cherine Marie
Color your dreams before they fade.


Jackie Dodson:
Working Studio and Gallery ~ Jackie Dodson in Studio 100, bills herself as a "Whoopie" painter . . . bright colorful paintings and work that people say tends to make them feel happy when they see it. She enjoys having people come in an watch her paint. She works primarily in acrylics but does some watercolor and pastel. Her subject matter ranges from frogs, fish and flamingos to landscapes, nudes and still life. She uses what she terms the "dirty brush" technique and often paints an entire painting without washing her brush. Prints and cards are available of her paintings. or

K and M Custom Jewelry Designs:
Kurt and Michelle Isherwood ~ Working Studio and Showroom
Kurt and Michelle are artists in gold and silver and stones. We offer a variety of styles of original and custom jewelry, from Texas, religious to animals. Bring your own design or stones in and after a creativity consult and deposit, the "Magic" begins. Jewelry and watch repair also. Thanks for allowing us to serve you.

806-335-6733, toll free 866-725-2636 or

Karen Wolfram Arts and Gallery:

806-353-3685 or 806-567-5611

More Information

Ken's Art Studio and Gallery:
Ken Wampler is a water media artist. His paintings are realistic renditions of wildlife, landscapes, florals and other subjects of nature. His media or preference is watercolor. He maintains his working studio and gallery in the Galleries at Sunset Center and is open daily except Sunday for viewing and sales of his art work.

806-674-7122 or 806-355-7032

Kisor Gallery:
Patsy Kisor
~Working Studio and Gallery ~

806-358-2519 or 806-359-1942 or

More Information

Kuker Fine Art:
Nancy and Jacob Kuker (mother and son) work in oil, acrylic, mixed media and pastels. Subject matter covers a wide range from abstracts, animals, landscapes, pet portraits, southwest and religious. ~Working Studio and Gallery ~

Nancy 806-584-6833
Jacob 806-433-8702

Lair Gallery and Studio:
Marshi Lair
~Working Studio and Gallery ~

806-655-2089 or 806-671-9881

More Information

Lile Art Gallery:
Crocodile Lile
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

806-644-3089 or 580-206-0310 and

Musée d' Aimée:
Aimée L. Mouw

Original Art and Jewelry Designs


Nevess 7 Gallery and Studios:
Judy and Terry Hopkins
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

"We Will Rock You" ~ Hand painted, custom designed, engraved rock creations.

806-316-6458 or 806-353-2966

Northern Light Art Studio:
LaNell Young Berry
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


More Information

Picture Perfect Photography:
Clark and Judy Jowers


Rita Berry Fine Art:
Rita Berry
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

Paintings, jewelry, stone angels and nativities

806-433-6676 or 806-379-9360

Rustic Handmade Pottery:
Angela Crawford
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


Sandra Pelfrey Studio:
Sandra Pelfrey
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


More Information

Scarab Art:
Michael Westmoreland
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


Slesick Gallery:
Len and Ginny Slesick
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

806-570-7815 or 806-290-0047 or 806-373-0046

Solomon Gallery:
Mary Solomon

~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

806-236-5433 or 806-622-2886

Spirit Art of Mikéal:
Ricky Paul
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~ Rickey believes his work is spiritually inspired, specifically by Arch Angel Michael. This is why he signs his paintings "Mikéal" (pronounced Mikey-el) in recognition of and gratitude for his guidance.


Steven Cost Studio 61 A:
Steven Cost
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


Studio 88 ~ Bechtol and Bechtol:
David and Mary Bechtol

806-681-8321 or 806-681-8320

Studio Dirty Fix:
Dianna and Allen Price
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


More information

Studio Sentosa:
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~ 3 artists. All are oil painters. Marsha paints murals, pet portraits, paintings on consignment and will personalize gifts with decorative painting. Elizabeth and Marsha also have necklaces, bracelets and earrings featuring Swarovski crystals, turquoise, semi precious stones and designer beads for your selection.

Marsha Clements ~ 806-676-1733 ~ or

Manyon Benson ~ 806-352-2454 ~

e. m. nussbaum ~ 806-352-3878 ~ More information

Sunny Side Up:
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

Karen Herpich ~ ~

Janette Dickerson ~ ~

Barry Bogue ~ 806-341-8239 ~

Sunset Art Gallery of Amarillo:


Terrestrial Treasures:
Karen Schultz

Amarillo Artist, Karen Schultz, creates multi-media sculptures of angels, nativities, butterflies and other flights of fancy using mineral specimens. She also offers original floral and landscape paintings in pastel and oil.


The Object Gallery:
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


Tumbleweed Gallery:
John Darby
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


More Information

Vastu Studio and Gallery:
Kyle Singleton
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


More Information

Warp and Woof Studio:
Sally Maag ~ Rug Weaver/Designer
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

806-622-8357 or 806-372-1159

West Texas A & M University Gallery and Studios:
WTAMU Students and Faculty
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


Whatever Is . . .
Blenda Killough
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~
Blenda Killough is an award winning egg design artist. In the tradition of Fabrege, this local artist designs beautiful creations from real egg shells of various birds using eggs as small as a tiny finch up to ostrich.

806-654-5582 or 806-359-6436

Windsor International:
Cheral Squyres
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~

806-467-2399 or More Information

The Art of Walter Wolfram, Jr.
~ Working Studio and Gallery ~


Additional Information and Links
Amarillo Art Institute, Inc.:
806-354-8802 or toll free 877-354-8803

Panhandle Art Center:

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